The Pumpkin Queen: Making Painted Pumpkins

There is something about Fall that is just “heaven on earth”. The weather gets cooler (and for a MS gal that is the most important lol), the leaves change to the beautiful warm tones of goldenrod, burnt orange and red and football games and tailgating with friends and family happen every weekend. The changing of the season brings on layering of clothes, cute boots and cozy sweaters and scarves. And best of all, crafting adventures of decorations for the Holidays!

This is truly my FAVORITE time of the year!! And today I am sharing my daughter Olivia and I’s experiment of Pumpkin Decorating…..but not carving!!!!

painted pumpkin, glitter, monogram, halloween, fall, autumn, decorations

For the main pumpkin I went with a simple design and our family name. Of course I had to add glitter to it! (Psst…..I was lazy and didn’t do the design all the way around this pumpkin!)

Olivia is now at a wonderful age (4) where she can “really” participate in crafts and holiday traditions. Last year we “attempted” to carve a pumpkin…..which is the “norm” or “standard” for pumpkin decorating, especially Halloween. However, it ended up being her daddy who did all of the carving while we watched lol. (it was just too hard for us gals!) So this year I knew I wanted us to decorate the front porch with some pumpkins….but really didn’t want to do carving (and neither did my husband!) So after seeing a super FUN post from my FAVORITE Facebook page, The Magic Brush, with Jennifer’s beautiful painted pumpkins, I decided that Olivia and I would set out to painting our decorations!(We both LOVE to paint!)

chevron, painted pumpkin, initial, monogram, halloween, decorations

This is Timber’s, pumpkin that I painted…..she wasn’t old enough to participate in this activity but I know she will LOVE it next year!

My tips on painting pumpkins:

1. If uneven and super bumpy/lumpy like mine were, try sanding them lightly for a smoother surface.

2. Be sure to clean the pumpkins and let them dry.

3. Prime the pumpkins…..I did three layers of acrylic white paint(let dry completely between layers)

4. Use a stencil for design “if possible” My chevron pumpkin would be even more adorable if the lines were the same lol

5. Let your kids be creative and have FUN! My daughter did hers all on her own (I helped with paint for the glitter and name….but she told me exactly where everything was to go lol)

6. You can NEVER have too much GLITTER 😀

painted pumpkin, name, monogram, glitter, kids craft, halloween, decorations

This is Olivia’s masterpiece!! She is a gal that LOVES color and glitter….you can’t tell from this picture but the pumpkin is pink, blue, red, yellow and green with glitter polka dots, black stripes and her name!

We both really enjoyed these craft and it is now an October tradition for our family. I am even thinking about buying more pumpkins and creating some with vintage buttons and beads on them!! These still don’t have a permanent spot yet on the porch…..I am moving them around a lot trying to find the best arrangement for them (and if I get some more I will change it again anyway bahaha) but I will be sure to share with ya’ll the complete look soon! Please feel free to share your pumpkin decorating tips in a comment, leave a link or send a pic of your creations!

Thanks for stopping by,

Megan XOXO


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