How to Fix a Stained Ugly Lamp Shade

With a 4 year old that LOVES to draw and be creative….you can imagine how many things in my home get “decorated” lol (you do NOT want to see the walls of her room!!! I think I have cleaned them with a Magic Eraser 4 times!! I have a DIY blog post coming soon on redecorating her room!)

rustic decor, DIY, painted, lampshade, fixed

Today I want to share with ya’ll how I fixed a lampshade that she drew on. Below is a picture of the lampshade “decorated” with a purple permanant marker (YES you read right….a permanant marker!). There are also a few other spots on it of lipstick(my daughter LOVES makeup!), pen marks and just plain stains.


The first thing I did was choose what colors to use to cover up the marks. Because of the dark permant marker I went with a dark background color. I believe it’s called “Barnwood Red” but it looks like a maroon type color. Once that was decided I went with my favorite color combo the “Primary Color Scheme”.


I had to do two layers of the paint for the background, letting it dry between coats. I really didn’t care about getting the maroon color on the middle pieces (where I painted the turquoise color) because I wanted a rustic/destressed look on this lamp. I then painted the turquoise color around the outside and middle pieces and did a damask  style print alternating it on the panels with stripes and polka dots. (I did all of these designs free hand but a stencil would be awesome especially of a monogram!) Once the turquoise dried I did some outlining with a goldenrod color and then added touches of white.


I LOVE the way the lamp turned out and I hope ya’ll do too!! This is my daughter’s lamp (that’s why it was decorated by her so much! Stay tuned for her room makeover with this new lamp in it!) I have two more lamp shades to do for my living room and dining room/office that I will share with ya’ll soon! My next craft project is making my youngest daughter’s Halloween costume. Olivia is Elsa (of course lol we LOVE Frozen!) So Timber is going to be Anna!!! (I am making Timber’s because at her age the only options at the local Wal-Mart are bunnies, lions and flowers, and buying an Anna costume online is just too expensive!)

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my lamp shade makeover. Until next time……

Peace Love & Pixie Dust



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