DIY Kid’s Cartoon Costume

Hi ya’ll!! Today I am soooo excited to share with ya the costume I made for my 18 month old girl, Timber, for her Halloween costume. Her older sister, Olivia, had to be Elsa! (of course lol what little girl didn’t want to be Elsa this past Halloween!) Frozen is like our ALL TIME favorite movie and we watch it at least once a day!!! Since Olivia was going as Elsa….it was only logical that Timber should be Anna. However, the only costumes in her size at the local Wal-Marts were bunnies, flowers, lions, etc. I had a few options: buy a bigger sized Anna costume from the store and do a TON of sewing to make it fit her, order an Anna costume in her size online (which would have been super expensive, and let’s face it…..she was only gonna wear it like twice!!!) or make it myself. Being the crafty mom that I am, I chose to make the costume myself!

DIY, Anna, Costume, Frozen, Halloween

Excuse the few stains (if you can tell they are there on the onsie) lol I should have taken a picture of it before she wore it and ate candy in it!!!

So, I went to Pinterest searching for ideas on how to make her Anna costume and found the super awesome site called Alpha Mom that had a FANTASTIC tutorial on making the perfect and SIMPLE (that’s the key lol) Anna outfit. I did mine a little different that how she did it….but it’s basically the same! See it here!

What I used for project:

  • Onsie in her size
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Elastic (for skirt)
  • 50 yards of tulle (YES that is a lot lol but I wanted it to be super big!! I didn’t get this tulle from a fabric store…..that would have been really expensive, I used the tulle ribbon that you can find at Wal-Mart in the craft section!)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glitter
  • Sequins

The process is super easy I just followed the Alpha Mom’s tutorial on painting the onsie. Because I used acrylic paint instead of fabric paint (I STRONGLY suggest using fabric paint like her lol but I just used what I had at home!) I had a few extra steps of having to wash onsie twice and doing a little sanding so that the paint wouldn’t be too scratchy/hard. Then I added some bling with the sequins and glitter by using my hot glue gun….because let’s face it what girly costume is complete without some bling bling!! (It’s not shown in this picture of outfit but I added glitter to the sleeves where the gold is with hot glue, but after she wore it they came off……I knew it would after all the trick or treating in it!) Then instead of wearing pants I decided to make a tutu for her to wear. I first bought one roll of the tulle ribbon (25 yards in the light blue color) but it ended up not being enough, and when I went back they were out of that color so I added another 25 yards of tulle in the dark glitter blue color. As you can tell from the picture that the skirt I made is by NO means perfect lol!! The tulle is uneven in a few places but she looked great in it and with it on you couldn’t even tell! Here is a simple tutorial on how to make a tulle tutu.

DIY, Anna, Frozen, Halloween, Costume

Close up of Tulle Skirt

Now I have to be honest….I LOVE the way it turned out, but my Timber DID NOT lol!!! So she only wore this one time to a trunk or treating event. I know next year she will be really into Halloween so that is ok! Her sister, Olivia, has now taken over the tutu skirt as one of dress up outfits and the onsie has been put up (I like to save stuff like that so I can show them when they get older!)

DIY, Anna, Frozen, Costume, Halloween

I first sewed the bottom sequins on to top, but added more with my glue gun (it was just easier that way lol)

Hope ya’ll enjoyed this post about my adventure on making her costume……this outfit is not at all limited to a princess outfit or even a Halloween costume for that matter! The possibilities are endless. You can do any character you want and for any event that you want and can be done for a girl or boy. This would make a great play outfit or even a cute birthday party outfit for a themed party! So get creative with yours and by all means share with me yours!!! Until next time ya’ll…..

Peace, Love & Pixie Dust


DIY, Anna, Elsa, Costume, Frozen, Halloween, Birthday

My two sweet gals!! They were the most adorable Elsa and Anna!


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