DIY Christmas Mantel Decor: A Handmade Christmas

I hope ya’ll LOVED my rustic Christmas tree in the last post as much as I did!!! Today I want to share with ya’ll my mantel decor! This was a last minute idea to decorate the mantel while I was making the decorations for the tree. I have NEVER really been the type of person to go all out for the holidays and decorate…..normally I just put up a tree and call it a day lol.

Christmas, DIY, handmade, mantel, decorations, budget, simple, rustic, country, Nativity scene

As with  ALL my projects, I first go to Pinterest and find some inspiration! I never copy something from Pinterest, just get ideas and put my own creative spin on things. To see some of my pins for the holidays follow my board here! From what I saw I knew I wanted to have a Nativity scene in the middle of the mantel. I also wanted to keep with the “rustic” look like my decor in living room and with the tree. The Nativity scene was fairly simple to make. I got the inspiration for it here (I didn’t go with the glitter look on mine as I was out of Modge Podge!!!) All you do is print out the silhouettes for the scene and trace to cardboard. Cut the shapes out next and paint/decorate as you wish. I just painted white. I then cut another piece of cardboard to run down my mantel piece for the scene to sit on. I hot glued the silhouettes to that long piece of cardboard and placed on mantel. I also drew a simple star on cardboard, painted with yellow paint and added gold glitter while the paint was still wet. (It was placed on an existing nail above the mirror on mantel) I would normally do the glitter with Modge Podge to ensure the glitter didn’t fall off everywhere, but as I said I was out.

mantel, decorations, Christmas, fireplace, DIY, handmade, rustic, country, Nativity scene, stockings, home made

Next I made the garland to hang with the stockings and to surround the mirror. I made this garland out of old denim legs from jeans I had cut into shorts. I just cut into strips and then followed the exact same tutorial that I used for the burlap garland on my Christmas tree. The garland is placed with tacks around mirror and hangs on existing nails with the stockings.

Christmas, mantel, decorations, DIY, handmade, country, rustic

Then I started to add some decorative pieces like cut logs, (came from a HUGE limb that fell in my back yard this past summer! The hubs had already cut them into pieces to use for various things, so I just snagged a few lol) a vase which I stuffed with more branches from the backyard, some deer antlers that I snagged from the husband’s garage, (he said I could use as long as I didn’t paint!), a wooden staircase, a wooden box, and various other items that I had already on the mantel.

Christmas, mantel, decorations, decor, handmade, DIY, rustic, country

I made a simple sign out of some cardboard that I painted chevron and the scripture, “For unto us a child is born.” I added the glitter to the words while the paint was wet…..after I did this I realized that you couldn’t read the words well, but once it was done it was done… no going back! (the sign ended up being a little too long so I cut some off and place on the other side of mirror.)

Christmas, mantel, decor, decorations, DIY, handmade, rustic, country

Next I made some bottles to say Noel. This was SUPER EASY!!! I just took some bottles that I had saved for a project (they just happened to be Crown Royal and Jim Beam bottles lol) and painted them with white paint… took about 3 coats. Then I wrote a letter on each one in blue and tied some scrap denim pieces to the necks in bows. I placed on the wooden staircase they I had already on mantle place bottom.

The last item I made/painted for the decorations was some pine cones……was gonna do these for the tree but decided not to. I FIRST baked them in the oven on 250 degrees for about 45 minutes to get all the bugs out. Then I just painted them in green and blue. Easy Peasy ya’ll!

Christmas, decorations, DIY, mantel, handmade, rustic, country

Lastly I added the kids stockings and a few other nick nack items to fill in gaps! I LOVE the way it turned out (especially since this was the first time I had ever attempted to decorate it for the holidays!!) Tell me what ya’ll LOVE about it in a comment and as always if you like it please share with friends!

Until next time….

Peace, Love & Pixie Dust



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