Sneak Peek: DIY Little Girl’s Dress Up Dresser

So today is a first ya’ll…….I am sharing my first Sneak Peek of a project I am working on!!! Normally I like to wait until the end and share the finished and beautiful project….but I just couldn’t help myself!!! As any mom of a 4 year old girl knows, they LOVE to play dress up and be princesses, fairies and rock stars! Mine, Olivia, is no different lol. We have a TON of dress up items for her but they have been stuffed into her toy box with the rest of her toys. That makes it quite difficult for her to get dolled up and play pretend, and usually requires me to drop whatever I am doing around the house to dig in that huge toy box and find an item she needs! (I know I am not the only mom that has had to do that right lol???)

As ya’ll can kinda guess from some of my posts I get on Pinterest A LOT!!! It’s one of my favorite things to do, especially as I am laying down with the girls at night watching a movie (most likely Rapunzel, Tinkerbell, or the Minions lol) that I have seen a hundred times! Well a few weeks ago I stumbled upon this beauty below from Kid Space Stuff blog!!! It’s a Dress Up Dresser made from an old dresser… it not the most adorable thing ever!!! Not too mention PERFECT to keep all of her items in one place! (Which would make my life sooooo much easier!!) So when I saw it late one night I pinned it for a future project. I have also pinned several more since this first beauty, so be sure to follow my DIY board here to see them all and many more for projects!

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Most of my pins are of things that I “want to do” but usually never happen due to life. But as I was purging/cleaning/throwing away items/cleaning/what ever you want to call it lol my whole house I saw the old dresser below that was given to my husband and I years ago. It was missing a draw and a few of the other draws on it didn’t work either when we got it. We kept it because when it was given to us we were just moving into our house, had a 3 month old Olivia, and were in need of items bad. But as I looked at it holding just junk in the draws in our bedroom my mind remembered the pin from the other night!!! Lightbulb!!! lol

dresser, DIY, girl's decor, decorations, home decor, recycled, redo, repurposed, furniture

The “Before” dresser! I know it’s awful right!!! There are two more draws with it, but not pictured. Please excuse the terrible carpet and absolutely horrible wallpaper in my bedroom….one DIY project at a time ya’ll lol!

So far I have taken all the draws out, kept the one working draw intact to use in her dresser at the top, painted it white (just one coat as there will be lots of other coats of paint for the look I am going for), painted and distressed the one draw, and added some glitter to bottom of dresser! I still have a LONG way to go to get this beauty done….especially since I have decided to give it to her for Christmas!!!! (I know I’m crazy lol)

dresser, furniture, DIY, repurposed, recycled, redo, little girls room decor, home decor

Painted here with one coat of white paint and glitter spray paint on the bottom. Didn’t have enough of the spray paint for the glitter look I was going for (mainly because of my EPIC FAIL with the rod which you will see below lol) but hope to fix both with regular glitter and modge podge!

dresser, dress up, little girls room, pink, gold, distressed, painted, draw, upcycled, sneak peek

The one item that I have almost completely painted lol. The beautifully distressed draw! I LOVE distressed furniture, like REALLY distressed! Still have to touch this up some and get knobs painted.

glitter, DIY, dress, furniture, redo, little girls room

I wanted the bottom to be completely FULL of glitter with NO white showing at all….but ran out of the glitter spray paint, which to me didn’t come in a big enough bottle for $7 lol

I have had some speed bumps in my idea so far too that I wanted to share!!! Here is my EPIC FAIL of the first rod attempt (where her clothes will hang from). I wanted to glitterfy it but I don’t know if I did it wrong (most likely lol) or the spray paint just didn’t want to adhere well to the rod… any case I am using another rod just in plain white if I cannot fix it. (sooooo glad I had an extra!)


The other side does not look as bad! But still I cannot have something looking like this on a project, especially for my little girl! Attempting to fix it tomorrow…..if it works I may share that with ya’ll this weekend!

I hope ya’ll have enjoyed the first sneak peek on the blog………I can’t wait to show the finished project! (hope to be done with by the weekend, I have to work on it while she is at school or asleep!)

Until my next post, Peace, Love & Pixie Dust



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