Little Girl’s Dress Up Dresser: The Finished Product

Time to reveal the finished Little Girl’s Dress Up Dresser to ya’ll!!! I worked super hard on this DIY project and LOVE how it turned out. There we several ups and downs to it and had to change my plan a few times, but in the end my oldest Olivia adored it and that’s all that matters right!


I think it would look even better with old crystal knobs or something…..definitely redoing them when I redo the whole room this summer.


As I said before in the Sneak Peek post I like to REALLY distress items that I paint, some people don’t like that and some do and that’s ok. I painted first with base coat of white then with gold paint (only in the places that it would show!), I had to do 3-4 coats of the gold paint to get a good color. Then I distressed with Vaseline, here is a good tutorial on how to do that. It’s the ONLY method I use when distress painting because it is SO easy and turns out great every time! Once I had all the Vaseline on I painted with a hot pink color, it took roughly 3-4 coats all over to get a good color. (PLEASE let dry completely between coats, it will stay wet/not stick where the Vaseline is but the other areas need to be all dry before you do the next coat!!) Once you have all coats and desired color/look take a towel/cloth (I have one specifically for this) and wipe the areas where the Vaseline is. (as you will see the paint will come completely off, so use the Vaseline wisely if you do not want a severely distressed item). Then I took some sandpaper and sanded everything down a little. Then I repeated this process, adding Vaseline to the places where I wanted the gold to show (the same places as before) and then adding some where the hot pink is where I wanted it to show and then painted it a light pink. (it was called “Candy Pink” and my daughter specifically picked that one out) I did 3-4 coats of the light color, letting dry in between and then wiped off and sanded.

See where the sides need about one more coat of gold paint.....will do that soon! (but right now it's fine as you can't see with clothes in lol)

See where the sides need about one more coat of gold paint…..will do that soon! (but right now it’s fine as you can’t see with clothes in lol)

I wanted to add a coat of clear sealant to the paint but ended up not doing it (I can go back later if I see that it needs it). After all that I finished up the inside, the sides I just painted with a few coats of the gold paint that I used on the outside. (it actually could use another coat, which I will do at another time since I ran out of it lol) Then I went to fixing the glitter bottom! As you saw from the Sneak Peek post the glitter spay paint didn’t give the desired finish that I wanted. So I bought some Glossy Modge Podge and some regular glitter and glitterfied it lol (that’s not a real word I believe…but it should be!) To do that I added a coat of glue to the bottom of dresser and then coated completely with glitter. I let that dry out and then raked off the excess (wasn’t much) back into my glitter bowl. Then I added another coat of glue and more glitter to fill in holes. Once that dried I raked off the excess again, was satisfied with the look so I added a final coat of glue to ensure the glitter stayed in place.

I had a lot of trouble deciding what to do to the back. I tried two times making a back out of cardboard to glue there, but each looked awful!! So I decided to glitterfiy it too! It took a LOT of Modge Podge for some reason (I actually had to go back to town and buy more!! I tried to make “homemade” Modge Podge….but that was an EPIC FAIL), I think because the back was made out of some other kind of stuff??? But I used the same process as the bottom for it.

Dresser, redo, recycled, girl's room, home decor,glitter

I LOVE the way the light catches the glitter on the bottom and back!

Next I put the draw back in and knobs back on it (I plan to either pain these a different color or get new knobs later) and inserted the rod (that I got from an old broken clothes rack!!). I originally wanted to have the draw at the bottom, like all the one’s I had seen on Pinterest that were my inspiration but I had nothing to put on top of it to cover drawer… I put it on top and my daughter uses her stool to get into it. For the mirror I took an old one she had already apart, made a simple frame from cardboard, hot glued it into frame, wrapped from in craft paper and painted it gold. I then made two holes and inserted ribbon for it to hang.

Little Girl's Room, home decor, pink, glitter, DIY, repurposed, handmade, distressed, painted

YES, there is ugly wallpaper in her room too! And if you look closely you will see stickers on it behind dresser…the BIG redesigning project of Olivia’s room has been planned for the summer….Yahhh!

And there you have my daughter’s finished Dress Up Dresser!!! She LOVES it and actually likes the draw at the top (it keeps her sister out of her stuff lol!) As always if you LOVE this too please share with your friends below or leave a comment.

Until next time…..Peace, Love & Pixie Dust



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