My GOALS Not Resolutions for 2015

It’s that time of the year again, time to sit down and think about what you have done the past year and create your “New Year’s Resolutions List”. You Facebook Timeline will be FULL the next few days with everyone’s and you will be like…….might as well join the party and do it too. (at least this is me every year hahaha!) Then you stick to it for a week, maybe three…..and oops there you go, slipped up so might as well give it up and try again next year! ugh! The same vicious cycle. This year I was not going to bother at ALL until……..

As I was going through the January/Febuary issue of Health magazine I saw this great little excerpt below:

Why You Should Ditch Resolutions by Adam Rosante

” Take that word, tie it up in a burlap sack and throw it into the river. Resolutions are like birthday wishes–you make them and hope they magically come true. Instead of a resolution, you need what I call ‘why’ power. This is your driving force, and it should be linked to a massive emotion. It’s different for everyone and can be as simple as ‘I want to drop jaws at my reunion.’ What’s important is that it’s going to motivate you to work because willpower isn’t always strong enough to help you make a change. Once you’ve tapped into your ‘why’ power, then figure out how to get there. Set a specific goal (like losing 25 pounds), work backward to develop a series of actionable steps and then power through each task. When you spark fades, remind yourself of your ‘why’ to help keep kicking butt!”

When I got done reading that it was like a lightbulb went off…..I knew I could make my resolutions….no my goals happen this year! All I needed was a good “WHY” for each goal to keep me motivated. So what are my Goals for the New Year????

1. Get Fit!

I know, I know….that is everyone’s #1 lol, but let’s face it…..who couldn’t stand to lose some pounds. For me I could stand to lose around 25-30 pounds. But I don’t want to just lose the weight, I want to be healthier and toner (not a “skinny fat” girl…..I have been that girl before lol). So what is my “Why” to get fit…..that’s simple to be able to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes…..especially my favorite pair of jeans that I bought right before I got pregnant with my youngest, I only got to wear them a handful of times before my belly became to big lol.

To get fit I am following the “Lean” portion of the P90x program….I am actually on day 3, whoo-hoo! I am using to track my food and exercise to keep myself accountable. I created a calendar just for my fitness journey with P90x (a 13 week program) with each day already filled out which exercise to do. (I don’t get to scratch that day off until I get the workout done.) I created the picture below and taped it right about my desk as a reminder of this goal. Not to mention I am in a FANTASTIC group called No Excuse Moms on Facebook where all the ladies encourage you through your journey, share tips and keep you on track. And because my “Why” power is my favorite pair of jeans I have hung them up for me to see EVERYDAY in my dining room!!!! So there is no reason at ALL, why I should not reach this goal. For every 10 pounds I lose I will get a treat for myself…..NOT FOOD lol but something like go getting my hair done or buying a cute tote bag on the internet!


No I’m not afraid to share my starting weight, 155 lbs! This is my first weight goal, if I am satisfied with how toned my body is then I will be fine….if not I will create a new one.


2. Getting Organized!

This is an easy task for some…..but for me not so much!But this Goal, not resolution, is attainable and I believe once the habit is established for organization that I will keep it for the rest of my life. (not to mention teach my daughters at the same time!) I have already started on this one….I have a binder with two calendars in it….one for my fitness/life/everyday things and one specifically for this Blog and Business. These calendars are just printouts that I found online for each month. I have already purged my house of unnecessary things right before Christmas so now I am working on putting everything in the perfect place. My “Why” for getting organized is simple……I am TIRED of not being able to find something that I have put up and TIRED of not know what each day will be like. I need to plan my hours for work, kids, cleaning, etc. if I am going to be able to get everything done! If you have any tips to do this or links please leave them in a comment…trust me I could use all the help I can get lol.

3. Being Less Stressed!

This is another hard one…..I am one of those moms (aren’t we all with what we have to deal with all the time lol) that kinda flies off the handle sometimes, and not at the BIG stuff either it’s usually something simple. I HATE this about myself lol, so it’s time to change. My “why” to get me to this goal is really straight forward……to LIVE a longer LIFE, to be here longer with my kids and then grand kids. We all know that stress KILLS!! So I have decided to keep a journal, writing down the things that have bugged me during the day and then writing down the blessings of the day/the funny things that happened. Each morning I plan to read the previous day’s as a reminder that all the little things that bug you don’t matter and if you can’t change it then it’s not worth stressing over right!  I think reaching this one will be tough, as I believe it’s become a “habit” to flip out over the small stuff….but they say it only takes 21 days to make/break a habit! Leave your tips in a comment on how you chill out.

So there are my GOALS for 2015! I will update throughout the year on how I am progressing. Please share some of your goals in a comment below! Until next time…..

Peace, Love & Pixie Dust



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