How to keep my salads fresh for the week?

Hi ya’ll!!! So as I stated in my Goals for 2015 post, this year it’s all about bettering myself for my family. One of my goals (my #1 actually lol) is to get into better shape by losing at least 20 pounds and toning up my body. One way I have found to make lunch easier for me is to prepare them for the week on Sunday night, that way I won’t have an excuse to grab something else that is unhealthy and quick. I really LOVE salads…..but have one problem, the lettuce NEVER stays fresh in the bag that I bought it in or a Ziploc baggie!!!! UGH, so freaking frustrating right! It may be because we have a super duper old refrigerator lol but I’m all about using something until it is completely broken!!

As usual, to find an answer  to my wilting lettuce problem I took to Pinterest and as always found exactly the right solution! So today I am sharing with ya’ll how I pack my lunches in Mason Jars! Yes….mason jars lol! I don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself because it is quite brilliant; and since we do a lot of canning and such in my house I just had to smack myself on the head when I saw the awesome post by Jenny Sugar over at!



All you need are:

Mason Jars and lids (I use the ______ size. They make a nice small sized salad, that way I can have a little bit of soup or something else with it. You can use a bigger sized jar for a larger salad too.)

Salad ingredients I use these for 7 salads:

Bag of preped lettuce mix

Mushrooms (one small box, do not use canned)

Tomatoes (two small ones, with seeds out and chopped)

Onion (small one chopped into small pieces)

Bell Pepper (one large one chopped in small pieces)

Sliced turkey breast (optional, I like a little meat in mine and had plenty of left over turkey to use from the holidays lol)

mason, jar, salads, fitness, prepped meals

Now the key to packing your is to put your juicy items on the bottom where they will not mess up the lettuce. Here is how I layered mine: tomatoes, onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, turkey and lettuce. If you want to make yours to take to work and don’t want to bring and extra container for dressing then add the dressing to the very bottom then the rest. (I haven’t tried it like that since I always eat mine at home.)

When I eat mine I add just two tablespoons (maybe not even that much, just enough to lightly coat the lettuce) of my favorite dressing (usually ranch), some crushed red pepper for some kick (sometimes I will add salsa instead of dressing for even more kick lol), and sometimes bacon bits.


I plan to try some different combo salads next week, so if you have a favorite recipe please share it in a comment below. As always if you LOVE this post please share with your friends! Until next time….

Peace, Love & Pixie Dust!



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